Poker Lingo

The world of online poker is filled with mysterious words, designed to confuse an outsider. Don’t be bluffed by poker speak any longer. We’ll let you in on the lingo so you can talk like a pro without having to be one…
  • Boat - a full house.

  • Blind – the first bet you place to get the action going. There are two blinds and their amounts are fixed before a game begins. The “Big Blind” is usually equal to the smallest bet possible. The “Small Blind” is normally half this amount.

  • Call – to place a bet equal to another player.

  • Calling Station - a player who calls a lot of hands but rarely raises.

  • Fish - an inexperienced player.

  • Fold - to throw in your cards.

  • Kicker – the highest unpaired side card in your hand. Often used to decide ties.

  • Loose Player/Aggressive - a player who is very aggressive with their bets and bluffs often.

  • MTT - Multi-table Tournament (tournaments with more than one table).

  • Muck – to fold your hand without revealing your cards.

  • Post – to place a bet, or put your chips in the pot.

  • Rag/s - a card that does not fit into your hand in any useful way.

  • Raise - to increase the amount of a bet made previously.

  • Ring Game/Cash Game – a live game, but not a tournament.

  • Rock/Tight - a very tight or conservative player.

  • Shootout/Freezeout - a tournament where a player cannot rebuy once they lose all their chips.

  • SnG - Sit and Go Tournament (a Single Table Tournament).

  • The Nuts - having the best possible hand.

  • Tilt - to play wildly or recklessly.

  • Trips – nickname for three of a kind.

  • Under the Gun - the first person to act following the blinds.

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